Beyerdynamic microphones at the Voice of Greece


For the second year in a row, RM AUDIO provided The Voice of Greece-TV-Show, withnmicrophones from the German company BEYERDYNAMIC GmbH & CO.KG, which our company represents exclusively in the Greek market. Beyerdynamic microphones dominated the TV-show attending every need, as they were used by all 4 coaches, the presenters, the family room, as well as all participating - players - singers, who participated in the competition. In particular, the Beyerdynamic TG-1000 was used along with all the necessary equipment and companions from this series (dual digital receivers, handheld transmitters and 'snorkel' antennas, combiner etc).

Totally, there were used twelve TG-1000 microphone systems, with 6 being used by the players, 4 by the coaches and 2 by the presenters. The players' mikrophones composed of TG V70w capsule, a dynamic capsule that applies at Lives, whereas the presenters' TG-1000s composed of the TG V96W thickening capsule. 

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