Air Motion


Three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array.

The distinct appearance and sound quality of the Air Series are what Void Acoustics first became known for in the audio industry. A firm favourite with clubs looking to create a dance experience that truly makes an impact, the Air Motion systems serve as flagship art forms to elevate a dance floor. Leading the way in design aesthetics, Air series products provide exceptionally high power output with a non-fatiguing sonic signature, making them a real talking point within any environment wishing to impress.




  •     High impact Nightclubs
  •     Bars, Clubs, Lounge
  •     VIP Rooms
  •     Live music events
  •     Indoor & outdoor dance events

  •          Three-way, bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array
  •          Exceptionally frequency and phase characteristics
  •          Low resonance fibreglass composite construction
  •          Integrated flying and mounting system
  •          Optional floor stand or flying bracket
  •          Internal electronic HF protection
{module 118}