Our Services

Our company offers rental services of professional audio and lighting equipment, musical instruments, video equipment, concert platforms, truss and support systems, in order to cover the needs of all kinds of events. We also provide professional production management and designs aiming for success and responding at each of our clients' requirements.


Our experienced, specialized and skilled staff ensures the success and the right outcome of any event. Our innovative and state-of-the-art equipment provides our clients with a high-level result worthy of their expectations. The 24-hour technical support we provide in conjunction with the huge inventory of machinery prevents any risk of a technical problem at our company's facilities. 


Finally, RM AUDIO is the Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for the following manufacturers, of which it is exclusive representative in the Greek market:



-  ELATION PROFESSIONAL B.V.                





-  ATC GmbH


Facilities Studies & Installation

The RM Audio installation department provides complete packages, design, supply and installation of audio, lighting  and staging equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience and relevant know-how, we offer a wide range of high quality services tailored to the needs of our customers.

In addition, our designers undertake to explain step by step the implementation stages of the project, as well as why these equipment options are the most appropriate for each case. At the same time with the delivery of a project, we undertake the support of the equipment, ensuring the smooth and continuous operation of the equipment, as well as the training of the users.


  • Equipment and facilities studies

  • Design of Electroacoustic installation 

  • Installation of sound systems

  • Lighting installation

  • Installation of video equipment

  • Installation of display screens

  • Installation of conference systems

  • Installation of translation systems

  • Installation of voting systems

Event Technical Coverage

Our specialized and experienced staff with high-level knowledge and high skills are able to efficiently cover different events, all happening at the same time. Since the beginings of our company our specialized, well=trained personnel works in order to place and maintainour state-of-the-art equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has the ability to correct any possible damage concerning the equipment we provide to our customers. 

The technical coverage of our company involves 24-hour customer service for the immediate installation of equipment in case of breakdown. The business department of our company often motivates our staff to attend trainning seminars, helded by executives of the audio-lighting equipment manufacturers, of which our company is the exclusive representative in Greece.



Events Production

Our company has an organized department that actively deals with the production of all kinds of events, such as music concerts and concert tours, festivals, heatrical performances, TV-shows, company events, conferences, exhibitions, ceremonies. Our aim is to succesfully respond to each of our client' s needs. 

To this direction, we organize effective team meetings at our offices discussing the client's goals, we organize our equipment and staff, we hire additional event staff when necessary (with insurance contributions), we plan, find and design the perfect event space, we issue tickets and we work with famous atists. Finally, we cover transfer services with vehicles and trucks that RM AUDIO owns and we also provide large storage units for any kind of equipment, in order to facilitate the execution of all types of projects. 

Equipment Rental

RM audio has the ability to rent any kind of audio, lighting equipment as well as state-of-the-art video and concert platforms with the ability to install and support in a space designed by the customer. Renting selected musical instruments is also an option available to you.

SOUND EQUIPMENT HIRE: The sound rental section provides the rental of P.A. in the industry of live events for over eleven years. During this period we covered musical festivals, concerts, company events, conferences and theatrical events in various parts of Greece and abroad, with famous artists and internationally renowned producers. The rental services of P.A. equipment for concerts, festivals and tours include: Branded line array speaker systems, wireless microphone systems, lighting systems, musical instruments, system electrical equipment, equipment support systems, concert platforms and manufacturers, systems design for full audio production, lighting, video .The rental services of P.A. equipment for company events and conferences include: high quality sound systems adapted to each room, microphone conferencing systems for speaking, entertainment, conference registration, design system and full sound management for recordings and live broadcasts. The rental services of P.A. equipment for public events, sports events and television broadcasts include: sound system design, special sound systems packages for public works, audio-visual support for political speeches, video recording of events.

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT HIRE: Rental of lighting equipment for concerts, festivals and tours includes: branded robot mobile radiator systems, wireless signal transmission systems, systems electrical equipment, aluminum truss systems structures, design of certified systems by experienced technicians and construction engineers. Lighting equipment hire for company events and conferences include: high quality lighting fittings adapted to each room, architectural lighting and lighting decoration in buildings, lighting system design and full lighting management for live broadcasts. Lighting equipment rental for public events, sports events and TV broadcasts include: lighting system design, special lighting fixtures and fixtures for long-term leases, support for the supply of consumable products for each of our lighting installations by our sales department.

VIDEO EQUIPMENT HIRE: The video rental department provides video rental services for live events of all kinds. Rental services include: Led screen rental, plasma screen rental, projector rental with the ability to create 3D mapping through an experienced design team, rental of cameras, rental of computer with special programs for image viewing / editing.

STAGE SETS AND RIGGING: Our company provides platform rental services for concerts, festivals, tours, company events in the public sector, sporting events, TV broadcasts and more generally live events. The platform rental services include: any size, shape or height of a platform, custom tailored design, special feet to support feet to prevent damage to sensitive surfaces, rental of anti-slip flooring as well as thepossibility of adapting carpets and special finishes sponsored or logos, special dance floors, possibility of installing platforms indoors or outdoors, site specialists, coverage of any surfaces, possibility of installation in water, possibility usefulness floating rig installation.

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